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Wrought Ironworks

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Elaborate wrought-iron window bars, huge railings, authentic wrought-iron signboards, unique wrought-iron decorations and chandeliers, shutters with elaborate details, old wrought-iron crosses and door handles, as well as contemporary street furniture: the iron-forging tradition, innovative design, and the authenticity that comes from hand-crafted work result in the best products.
Have a look into UKO Kropa wrought-iron shop for your special piece.

UKO Kropa, Kropa 7a, Kropa, T:  +386 4533 7310, W: www.uko.si 

Working hours September-June: Monday-Friday: 7.00 am-3.00 pm, Saturday 9.00 am-12.00 am
Working hours July, August: Monday-Friday: 7.00 am-6.00 pm, Saturday 9.00 am-12.00 am

A collection of works by Joža Bertoncelj, a master of wrought ironworks, is on display in the Iron Forging Museum.
On a stroll through the village of Kropa, it soon becomes clear that Kropa is not just a village where spikes were once manually forged in large quantities, but is actually the home of wrought ironworks. Traditional and contemporary wrought ironworks will accompany you every step of the way.

Kropa is synonymous with Slovene iron forging and developed into the centre of wrought ironworks in the twentieth century. The unique or small-scale production of forged wrought ironworks is Kropa's raison d'être. Each product is the result of the designer's or iron forger's work. The tradition of shaping iron using fire and tools and, above all, through strength of hand has been preserved until the present day.

Following the decline of manual spike production in the nineteenth century and the industrialisation of manual iron forging in the first half of the twentieth century, the specialised development of wrought ironworks began in Kropa – initially in a cooperative, and thereafter in the independent UKO Kropa wrought-iron company, which is still the largest wrought-iron workshop in Slovenia. What's more, the rich wrought ironworking tradition is preserved by individuals in Kropa, Kamna Gorica and some other parts of Radol'ca.

Wrought ironworks can be seen while walking through both the old and the new parts of the village of Kropa. The old iron mill owners' houses are still adorned by wrought ironworks made by the erstwhile self-taught masters of the trade. The cemetery adjacent to the Church of St Leonard still features a number of wrought-iron crosses. Kropa's House of Culture (Kropa 3) is adorned by a large forged gate and gated windows, produced in the UKO Kropa workshop in the 1950s.

Kropa's main square features a memorial to the victims of the National Liberation Struggle (NOB), which comprises several wrought-iron sculptures from the local workshop. In recent years, Kropa has been embellished by some contemporary street furniture, also designed by the UKO Kropa workshop.

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