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Discover the jewels of Slovenia: the beautiful nature of Triglav National Park, world famous Bled, and Bohinj. In the immediate vicinity of the region of Radol'ca, innumerable attractions and natural curiosities await to be discovered. Visit them during your stay in Radol'ca, as we like to call the town of Radovljica together with the surrounding area.
The town of Bled with its lake, cliff-top castle and the surroundings is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Slovenia. Lake Bled lies only 5 km from the town of Radovljica and less than 3 km from the town of Lesce. From Radol’ca, Bled can easily be reached by bike along the popular cycling lane between Lesce and Bled, or even on foot along the trail beside the Sava River and across the meadows. 
Official tourist information site: www.bled.si.
The picturesque Bohinj Valley lies 20 km from Radol'ca. Lake Bohinj together with numerous mountain pastures and mountain trails await your visit there. From Radol'ca, Bohinj can be reached by bike along the main road, which has rather heavy traffic during the summer season, or you can choose the forest roads of the Jelovica Plateau (you should be equipped with a good map or accompanied by a local guide). Ask at tourist information centre for precise information on the route.
Official tourist information site: www.bohinj.si
Triglav National Park
Julian AlpsTriglav National Park is an area of invaluable natural treasures, which fascinates both hikers and mountaineers. You can choose not only from a range of mountain peaks but also from a range of starting points. Triglav National Park is Slovenia's only national park and can easily be reached from Radol'ca via Bled, Bohinj or Kranjska Gora.
Official tourist information site: www.tnp.si/national_park/

Žirovnica is renowned for its heritage of several prominent Slovene poets and writers as well as for beekeeping. It is situated only 9 km from the town of Radovljica and less than 5 km from the village of Begunje. You can set out on a trip along the Cultural Heritage Trail by bike, as the route – either on local roads or on cart tracks across the fields – is mostly flat and is therefore suitable for families with small children.

Kranjska Gora
Kranjska Gora, with its diverse range of recreation possibilities, enthrals in all seasons. It lies 38 km from Radol'ca.
Official tourist information site: www.kranjska-gora.si

LjubljanaSlovenia's capital Ljubljana, which boasts countless attractions and events, lies less than 50 km from Radol'ca and can be quickly reached along the highway. From Radol’ca, a trip to Ljubljana can also easily be made by train or by bus.
Official tourist information site: www.visitljubljana.com
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