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Towns and villages in Radol'ca

The tourist destination of Radol'ca encompasses the towns of Radovljica and Lesce, the villages of Begunje na Gorenjskem, Kropa, Brezje, Ljubno, Kamna Gorica, and other surrounding villages. Year after year, a variety of cultural and historical landmarks, museums, galleries, events, innovative companies, and, of course, the beautiful nature, draw visitors to the area.

The largest town, Radovljica, is the area’s cultural, administrative, educational and trading centre, with a number of museums, sports facilities, and cultural and entertainment events. The town is disabled friendly and has a charming medieval Old Town. The nearby town of Lesce is an economic centre, known for its airport, Camping Šobec, and golf course.

Beneath the Karavanke Range lies the village of Begunje, the birthplace of the musician, Slavko Avsenik, and of Slovene popular folk music. On the way to Kranj from Radovljica, the village of Brezje – a major Slovene pilgrimage centre – and the village of Ljubno can be visited. On the right bank of the Sava, beneath the Jelovica Plateau, lies the Lipnica Valley with the iron-forging villages of Kropa and Kamna Gorica. The areas between larger settlements are dotted with numerous small villages.
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