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The Radol'ca destination trademark

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Radol'ca – honestly sweet

At the beginning of 2011, the Municipality of Radovljica launched its new tourism identity. The Radol'ca destination trademark design project was managed by Radovljica Tourism Public Institute; the website’s design and production were carried out by the Memo Institute Agency.

The story of the tourist destination of Radol’ca was created on a systematic basis. The trademark’s design began with a survey of how Radovljica is seen by tourists today, and an analysis of attractive tourism products to be found in the municipality. The survey was aimed at identifying the destination’s unique advantages. Its findings then served as the basis for the creation of the Radol'ca destination trademark.

The general strategic orientation of Slovene tourism is to promote the development of sustainable tourism products. Naturally, such an orientation is a response to the global growth in the trend of green tourism. The survey demonstrated that the Municipality of Radovljica can justifiably be promoted as a sustainable tourist destination, as its current range of authentic small-scale tourist products already embody the essence of a sustainable destination: a combination of nature, tradition and health. Therefore, the new tourism identity of the Municipality of Radovljica endeavours to put an emphasis on the charms of the destination, where the link between man and nature has been preserved until the present day.

In this land of exceptionally rich beekeeping tradition, this link is most honestly and sensitively borne out by the bees themselves. The image of a bee in the new logo is deliberately abstract. The logo’s overlapping rounded shapes in various colours endeavour to portray the attractive contrasts of the destination: culture and nature, the traditional and contemporary, and, most importantly, the town of Radovljica itself and its surroundings.

Namely, the aim of the Radol'ca trademark is to represent the town of Radovljica and its surroundings – numerous villages which traditionally swarm with creativity – equally. The name Radol'ca (the term locals use to refer to the town of Radovljica and sometimes also its wider area) is deliberately different from the name of Radovljica as it is intended to be understood as a synonym for the entire region.

With its range of colours, the logo communicates the content and values that embody the core of Radovljica Tourism’s strategy: blue (rivers, mountains, air, and freedom), green (nature and ecology), red (the colour of the Municipality of Radovljica’s coat-of-arms), warm yellow (honey, gaiety, and liveliness), and brown (honesty and rural character).

The ‘honestly sweet’ slogan rounds off the sustainable story of this destination trademark. Radol'ca is honestly sweet because it is pleasant and tasteful. It is honestly sweet because it is authentic, likeable, small and welcoming. The vision of the Radol'ca trademark is to gain recognition as a sustainable destination of numerous sweet explorations and little sweet treats. The honestly sweet slogan puts an emphasis on the honesty, sincerity and authenticity of this destination.
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