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Taste the delicious food of Radol'ca's restaurants which offer a combination of genuine homemade food prepared using superior methods, and the finest local ingredients.
The cuisine on offer in Radovljica and its surroundings has always been traditional, top-quality and genuine. The month of November contributes even further to this with the Taste Radol'ca project in which restaurants and inns from the Radovljica municipality unite.

For the whole month of November, Radolca's restaurants and inns will be offering special local menus. The speciality of the menus is that the ingredients all come from local producers and suppliers. Healthy products are grown and produced in the green land that surrounds us, and these will be transformed into exceptional dishes by talented chefs inspired by local tradition.

The Taste Radol'ca project is intended to promote local culinary specialities which are plentiful in our area. In addition to the tastes, the aim is to highlight local suppliers and increase the traceability of food.

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