Radol'ca - Honestly Sweet
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Sweet experiences
Rivers, fields, forests, fresh air and freedom. For all those bursting with energy for sports and entertainment. Hiking, cycling, rafting, skydiving and more.
Sweet explorations
The swarming creativity of the locals. For all those curious and hungry for knowledge and new ideas. From the Avsenik brothers to iron-forgers and beekeepers.
Sweet memories
Charming encounters with the past. For all those influenced by nostalgia, history lovers and romantics. Medieval games, Secessionist architecture, museums and galleries.
Sweet treats
Genuine Radol’ca style pampering. For the peckish, those with a sweet tooth and couples in love. Home-cooked meals, honey, chocolate and wellness programmes.
Special Offers
Take advantage of the special accommodation offers with local delicacies.
In the Mansion's shelter
The exquisite halls af a mighty Radovljica Mansion make for a unique venue for special events.
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