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Peračica Tuff

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One of the most notable features of houses which are typical of the Gorenjska region is their pastel green rock – the Peračica tuff. Elaborately carved entrance portals, window openings, columns and staircases are made from this rock. It can be found in rural houses, as well as market town and town houses, mansions, churches, and shrines.
In the valley of the Peračica Stream — near the village of Brezje — lies one of the most important Slovene deposits of andesitic tuff, a rock made up of volcanic ash which characterised the architecture of the Gorenjska region. The Peračica Stream's valley, which is where the deposits are situated, earned it the name Peračica tuff, while it is also referred to as zelenec owing to its customary colour (green or zelena). The Peračica Quarry was mined between the sixteenth and early-twentieth centuries.

The tuff can be exceptionally well carved; an important stonecutter's workshop developed in the nearby village of Črnivec. The Kocijančič Workshop has been in operation since the seventeenth century and has produced countless elaborate portals as well as some other products.

A number of settlements across Slovenia, but particularly in Radol'ca and its surroundings, still feature numerous pastel green church and house portals, window openings, columns, and other architectural elements.

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