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Museums and Galleries

Are you interested in history, technology, culture, ethnology, arts or music? Pay a visit to one of as many as ten museums and museum collections in Radol'ca. Apart from the renowned Museum of Apiculture in Radovljica and the Iron Forging Museum in the village of Kropa, you may well be enchanted by one of the smaller collections or perhaps by an exhibition held by contemporary fine artists in the Šivec House Art Gallery.
Did you know that bees dance? Children will be 'all eyes' watching through a glass window as the bees work diligently in the beehive; history lovers will get up to speed with the eighteenth century at the Municipal Museum of Radovljica. What about seeing for yourself how gingerbread hearts are made today, or how an iron forger produces spikes manually in an authentic forge.

Combine a stroll along town or village streets with a visit to some of the museums, and explore the history, culture and ethnology of the area, either to escape the hot summer sun, avoid an afternoon storm or satisfy your curiosity. Take a quick look around the Šivec House Art Gallery during a late afternoon stroll in Radovljica or make a rainy autumn afternoon shorter and more interesting with a visit to one of the museums.

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