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Iron Forging Museum

Where else more appropriate could the Iron Forging Museum be located than in the village of Kropa, the cradle of Slovene iron forging? A centuries-old tradition comes together in the mighty Klinar House which is situated in the middle of the square and was the first technical museum in Slovenia. The history of iron forging comes alive with the help of several models which will be set in motion just for you.
Iron Forging Museum
Kropa 10, Kropa
T: + 386 4533 7200
F:+ 386 4533 7205
The Iron Forging Museum in Kropa demonstrates the entire iron working process: from iron ore to a spike. In addition to the technical and historical presentation of manual iron forging, the museum also portrays how life used to be in Kropa and its surrounds. The museum features an exhibition of wrought-iron creations made by the iron-forging master, Joža Bertoncelj, a native of Kropa.

Upon prior arrangement, groups can also pay a visit to the preserved Vice Forge in Kropa, where the manual spike forging technique is demonstrated.
Klinar House, which houses the Iron Forging Museum, is a typical iron-mill owners’ house dating back to the late eighteenth century. Its onetime lounge boasts a preserved coffered wooden Baroque ceiling with three oil paintings.

The museum outlines some basic facts about iron forging in the villages of Kropa, Kamna Gorica and Kolnica. It utilises models to demonstrate how a foundry and the water-powered iron forging bellows work, as well as the appearance of a typical forge used for the production of spikes (called vigenjc).

The ethnological room depicts the everyday life and festivities of Kropa's iron forgers, as well as a collection of 94 manually forged spikes in a range of shapes and sizes.

Parts of the exhibition are translated into English and German. 

Upon prior request, guided visits in Slovene, German or English can be arranged for organised groups. Combined tickets for the Iron Forging Museum and Vice Forge are also available.
Opening hours
January, February
March, April, November and December
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday
10.00-12.00, 15.00-17.00
Price list
Children: 2.00 EUR
Adults: 3.00 EUR
Families: 7.00 EUR

Combined tickets for the Iron Forging Museum and Vice Forge are also available.
Children: 3.00 EUR
Adults: 4.00 EUR

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