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In the company of horses

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Radol'ca, with its winding roads across the fields and through the forests, is an excellent destination for horseback riding tours. You can get started with experienced guides on the back of a trained horse or take a ride in a two-Lipizzaner-horse-drawn carriage.

In Radol'ca, you can find accommodation on a stud farm, you can attend beginners or advanced horseback riding courses, equestrian courses, organised horseback riding excursions with a guide, or you can opt to ride in a horse-drawn carriage

With the horses, you will explore the Jelovica Plateau, the Lipnica Valley and the uplands above it, or you can ascend to one of the mountain pastures in the Karavanke Range. Idyllic rides in a two-horse-drawn carriage take in the villages across the Radovljica Plain or along the Cultural Heritage Trail to the village of Žirovnica, and even all the way to Bled. Hippotherapy and therapeutic horseback riding sessions are also available.

The Barbana Lipizzaner Stud Farm can be found in the village of Mošnje and there are a number of thoroughbred Arabian horse breeders across Radol'ca who hold international licences.
Horse Club Lesce-Bled, Alpska cesta 109, Lesce
M: + 386 4167 5482, E: kk.lesce.bled@gmail.com, W: www.hipodromlesce.si 

Offers: horseback riding and equestrian school, horseback riding excursions, hippotherapy, therapeutic horseback riding, workshops for children
Horse Centre Mošnje, Mošnje 2b, Radovljica
M: + 386 3135 9202, F: + 386 4531 5129, E: sasa.krainer@gmail.com, W: www.hipodrom.si

Offers: horseback riding and equestrian school, horseback riding excursions, alternative horseback riding school
Horse club Dalija, Lancovo 10, Radovljica
M: + 386 4175 0660, E: darinkamarija.dezman@gmail.com, W: www.dalija.si

Offers: horseback riding and equestrian school, horseback riding excursions, workshops for children
Barbana Lipizzaner stud farm, Globoko 2a, Radovljica
M: + 386 4167 5453, E: barbana@siol.net, W: www.barbana.si

Offers: carriage rides
Bršca farm, Poljče 23c, Begunje na Gorenjskem
M: + 386 4173 0967, E: ursa.zbontar@s5.net

Offers: horseback riding excursions, horseback riding school, carriage rides
Ranch Vihar, Zgornji Otok, Begunje na Gorenjskem
M: + 386 407 200 17 E: ranch.vihar@gmail.com, W: www.ranc-vihar.si

Offers: horseback riding school, horseback riding excursions, workshops for children

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