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Halls and facilities

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Baroque Hall in Radovljica Manor

The Baroque Hall is located on the first floor of the mansion. It is extremely bright and spacious, and offers breath-taking views of the Karavanke Range. The lighting is rich and can be tailored to your wishes. The hall has a square ground plan and a high ceiling. On the eastern side, a small room adjacent to the hall may be used for catering purposes, or as a storage or dressing room or a room for performers. The Ballroom is on the opposite western side.

The Ballroom with its restored late-Baroque decorative ceiling paintings creates an exquisitely solemn ambience. This rectangular hall has lower ceilings. It is linked to the Baroque Hall on one side and to a passage on the other, which can be used as a room for performers.

The Atrium on the ground floor has glass roofing. It is linked to the spacious entrance hall and the shady terrace and is ideal for receptions as well as small concerts, literary evenings and the like.

TheTerrace is enclosed by the mansion on three sides, while views of the Radovljica Plain stretch out in front of you from the fourth. It is linked to the atrium and the courtyard in front of the Church of St Peter. It is convenient for receptions as well as small performances, concerts and similar.

All the above capacities have disabled access.

Price list for the use of individual halls and facilities:

  Surface area Full day One hour Every extra hour
Baroque Hall 145 m2 1.800 EUR 300 EUR 300 EUR
Ballroom 125 m2 1.500 EUR 250 EUR 250 EUR
Baroque Hall & Ballroom 270 m2 2.100 EUR 350 EUR 350 EUR
Atrium 95 m2 350 EUR 100 EUR 50 EUR
Cleaning of the Mansion     20 EUR  

Civil wedding ceremony 348 EUR
Radovljica wedding 690 EUR
Honey wedding 790 EUR
Royal wedding 3.200 EUR


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