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Gorenjska Region Beekeeping Development and Education Centre

Situated in the town of Lesce, this contemporary state-of-the-art centre of apiculture combines the presentation and promotion of beekeeping on the one hand, and its development and education about it on the other. A well stocked shop offering a range of honey products is located in the building and aromatherapy sessions are practised in the adjacent beehive.
Opening hours
Monday–Friday: 7.00–22.00
Saturday: 8.00–20.00
Sunday: 8.00–14.00

Upon prior arrangement, groups can also be received outside normal opening hours.
The Beekeeping Development and Education Centre maintains the rich tradition of Slovene beekeeping, whilst following contemporary trends of beekeeping technology. Its own production facilities provide for a high quality of honey products. The centre is delighted to offer tours of the state-of-the-art honey-bottling and honeycomb production facilities to organised groups. All visitors can taste honey at the showroom or – upon prior arrangement – indulge in aromatherapy in the beehive.

A permanent exhibition details the path from the blossom to the bees and bottled honey, whilst temporary exhibitions touch on a variety of beekeeping related subjects. In addition to a visit to the centre, organised groups can also visit the beehive with its population of Carniolan honey bees and taste a variety of honey products. A range of workshops are available and there is a conference hall on the premises, accommodating up to 100 people.

The main tasks carried out at the centre involve the preservation of the indigenous Carniolan honey bee as well as raising awareness of its significance and of the close link between bees and a clean environment. A range of lectures and beekeepers' counselling sessions take place at the centre.
Gorenjska Region Beekeeping Development and Education Centre, Rožna dolina 50a, Lesce
T: (0)8 38 57 164, F: (0)8 38 57 165, E: cebelarski.center@gmail.com, www.cricg.si

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