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Choose from a range of flat routes, ideal for family cycling trips, to the more demanding ascents to the panoramic mountain pastures in the Karavanke Range and on the Jelovica Plateau. Embark on a trip and discover the beautiful natural environment, and cultural and historical landmarks in Radol'ca, Bled, Žirovnica and Tržič. All are easily accessible by bike.
The Radovljica Plain, Lipnica Valley, and surrounding uplands offer countless possibilities for leisurely cycling trips on country and gravel roads. You can easily tailor your trip to your own requirements, making your journey more interesting as you visit the sights along the route.

The Jelovica Plateau and the Karavanke Range offer a myriad of possibilities for mountain bikers. With a good knowledge of the area or accompanied by a guide, the Jelovica Plateau is a paradise for cyclists keen to ride on gravel roads and cart tracks. In the Karavanke Range, access along gravel roads is possible to the mountain pastures of Planinica (1128 m.a.s.l.), Preval (1311 m.a.s.l.) and Polška planina (1180 m.a.s.l.), as well as to the peaks of St Peter (839 m.a.s.l.) and Mt. Dobrča (1634 m.a.s.l.). 

The nearby surroundings of Radol'ca are most conveniently explored on bike. The Lesce–Bled cycling route, which leads you to the shores of Lake Bled, is popular and spares you the trouble of finding a parking space. Bled can also be reached along the Sava, passing through the villages of Ribno, Selo and Mlino along the way. From Bled you can choose to carry on to the village of Gorje or through the Radovna Valley to Triglav National Park.

The villages of Žirovnica and Vrba can also easily be reached by bike, the route being convenient for a family trip. The most popular routes include the panoramic road between the villages of Begunje and Tržič or the ascent from the village of Kropa to the village of Jamnik; from there, the more determined can continue to Škofja Loka and return to Radol’ca via Kranj. 

A range of companies offer organised cycling trips of various levels of difficulty. Ask at Radovljica Tourist Information Centre for more information. Kunstelj Guest House offers cyclist-friendly accommodation at the heart of Radovljica.  

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