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The town of Radovljica has the largest number of sunny days in the Gorenjska region. In summer, the air is pleasantly cooled by the nocturnal winds blowing from the mountains, whereas in winter, the fog, which is an everyday occurrence in the Ljubljana Basin, disperses here and Radovljica sits proudly atop a pier above the Sava.

Radovljica was once known as a climatic spa, in all likelihood on account of its climate which is down to its position located on a sun-drenched plain above the Sava Valley.

The uplands and basins are characterised by warm summers and mild winters. During the summer, the plain warms up due to copious levels of sunshine, but the atmosphere is cooled by the nocturnal winds which blow from the mountains. This makes the area ideal for a summer break as the coolness guarantees a pleasant stay, even at high air temperatures.

For a real mountain climate in Radol'ca, this can only be found in the Karavanke Range. The peaks above 2,000 m.a.s.l. are typically caught in clouds in summer afternoons; therefore, it is recommended to conquer the high peaks in the mornings so as to enjoy the wonderful panoramas.

During the winter, when the area is covered in snow, which persists for 60 days per year on average, the views are particularly picturesque. The sunny winter days offer beautiful vistas and opportunities for winter recreational activities, especially winter walks and hikes to the mountain pastures and peaks, cross-country skiing, and sledding.

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