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Castles, Mansions and Manors

Radol'ca boasts the ruins of age-old castles, the resplendent Radovljica Mansion and several countryside manors. Their magnificent architecture is further complemented by several countryside and town villas. You can visit some of them, sleep and eat in others, or even get married in their shelter.
The place for your special event
Radovljica mansion proudly encourages romantic couples to declare their undying love in its shelter. The beautiful mansion hosts music and dancing, as well as literary evenings, solemn receptions and business events.
These castles and mansions were once inhabited by the counts of Ortenburg, Cilli, Podwein, Lamberg, Thurn-Valsassina, and many others. These remarkable witnesses to the past and of the area’s magnificent architecture and splendour are to be found in the countryside and in Radovljica’s medieval Old Town.

Some are linked with hiking trails and all can be reached by bike, by car, or on foot.

Stroll around the castle ruins, have a coffee in the shelter of a Renaissance manor, or listen to a concert in a magnificent hall. Perhaps in one of these castles, manors and mansions you will find a place for your special event.
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