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Radovljica Mansion is the queen of Radovljica's architecture. Its magnificent Baroque front façade dominates as much as two thirds of the upper part of Linhart Square. Once inside the mansion, a double staircase made from tuff will beckon you to ascend to the first floor, where the Baroque Hall, the Museum of Apiculture, and the Municipal Museum of Radovljica await you.
The first records of the mansion, in which Baroque elements prevail today, date back to the Middle Ages: between 1457 and 1461. The mansion was built by the counts of Ortenburg, who in the thirteenth century owned two estates on the territory of the present-day Radol'ca: Kamen Castle on the left bank of the Sava, and Lipnica Castle on its right. They built a third estate on top of a natural pier, near a settlement of German colonisers in Radovljica's present-day district of Predtrg.

The first substantial renovations of the building took place in 1565, which is when its tenants were the counts of Dietrichstein. Another significant reconstruction followed in 1668, when the building was extended to its present size. The Thurn-Valsassina family, who were the mansion's tenants from 1616, and its owners from 1654, can take most of the credit for its current appearance. The Thurn family maintained possession of the mansion until World War II.

The opulent early eighteenth century front façade is in High Baroque style. The elaborate stucco decorations include plant motiffs, masks, as well as opulent and strongly stylised portraits. The main entrance portal is made from tuff, and features two atlases — one on either side — and a crest above the gate.

The entrance hall is characteristic of the Baroque style and features a double staircase. Portals made out of the Peračica Quarry's green tuff link the entrance hall with two atriums. The one on the left features predominantly Gothic designs and is adjacent to the original part of the castle. The atrium on the right-hand side was roofed only during the most recent renovations. A passage to the terrace situated on the northern side of the mansion leads through it, from there through a wooden gate, and then to the square in front of the Church of St Peter.

On the first floor of the mansion is the exquisite Baroque Hall. Today, the hall provides a magnificent ambience for various events. Adjacent to it is the Ballroom. Its late-Baroque ceiling paintings were restored following the preserved fragments.

The lobby on the first floor is also rich with Baroque decorations including masks similar to those to be found on the front façade. Two museums falling within the scope of Radovljica Municipality Museums can be found here: the Museum of Apiculture and the Municipal Museum of Radovljica.

After 2002, Radovljica Mansion was thoroughly refurbished and today serves as an excellent example of a town Baroque mansion.
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