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Why not take in the beauties of Radol'ca and Triglav National Park from a bird's eye view? Lesce–Bled Airport has excellent conditions for gliding and its position in the immediate vicinity of Triglav National Park allows for beautiful panoramic flights. You can avail yourself of the opportunity to do a tandem skydive with one of the experienced local skydivers.

Gliders and motor aeroplanes
Lesce Alpine Flying Centre, with its newly resurfaced runway and accompanying grass runway, offers innumerable opportunities to flying enthusiasts. With its optimal gliding conditions, the airport is widely considered the best starting point in Slovenia for long and high-quality glider flights. 

Panoramic flights
On a panoramic flight from Lesce–Bled Airport,you can take in all the beauties of the Gorenjska region and the Julian Alps from the air. Radol'ca, Bled, Triglav National Park, the Karavanke Range and even the Soča Valley can be reached during flights of various durations. A panoramic flight can be combined with a stopover at one of the surrounding sports airports.

Skydiving? Why not! At Lesce–Bled Airport, you are in the cradle of world skydiving. Tandem skydiving and skydiving courses are the options available for the inexperienced, whereas veteran skydivers can enjoy the thrill of solo skydives.

Paragliding enthusiasts have no need for an aeroplane to get up into the air. There are a number of excellent take-off points in the Karavanke Range, and the upwinds on the southern slopes of Mt. Begunjščica, Mt. Dobrča and St Peter invite paragliders and hang-glider pilots for a flight.
Take-off points:
  • St Peter (839 m.a.s.l.)
  • Mt. Dobrča (1634 m.a.s.l.)
  • Roblek Hut beneath Mt. Begunjščica (1657 m.a.s.l.)
  • Veliki vrh peak of Mt. Begunjščica (2060 m.a.s.l.)
Alpine Flying Centre Lesce
Alpine Flying Centre Lesce, Begunjska 10, Lesce
T: + 386 4532 0100, F: + 386 4532 0105, E: info@alc-lesce.si, W: www.alc-lesce.si
Alpine Flying Centre Lesce Flying Club, Begunjska cesta 10, Lesce
M: + 386 4170 8000

Offers: Skydiving, Panoramic aeroplane flights, Aerotaxi, Schooling and skydiving and paragliding courses
Avantura Bled, Sebenje 64, Bled
M: + 386 4168 2252, E: pristavec.bled@g-kabel.si

Offers: Tandem skydiving
RB Airlines, Ulica Borca Petra 16, Ljubljana
T: + 386 4201 0120, M: + 386 5161 6100, E: avio@rbairlines.si, W: http://www.rbairlines.si

Panoramic aeroplane flights, Aerotaxi, Aeroplane trips, Motor aeroplane flying courses
Flycom, Moste 26B, Žirovnica
T: + 386 4581 2000, + 386 4581 2015, F: + 386 4581 2019, E: info@flycom.si, W: www.flycom.si

Offers: Panoramic helicopter flights, Helicopter transfers

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